La storia di Sara Liu

La storia di Sara Liu


Many years back, I came across ‘Cina è’ video on the internet, and it was the first time I knew Zecchino d’Oro. At that time, it was special that a Chinese kid singing in front of a western choir. However, that song didn’t catch much of my attention.

Till year 2010, my friend Alessandro introduced Zecchino d’Oro songs of the year to me, and I then fell in love with it!
At first I was really surprised at the ‘La scimmia, la volpe e le scarpe’. The authors somehow put good values into a simple story that everyone understands, and then it was written as a beautiful song, which makes it catchy and enjoyable.
After that I watched other videos of Zecchino d’Oro, and it felt like there was a huge treasure for me to explore. The lyrics, the stories, and music itself are so well blended.
As time went by, me and other friend Giovanni started to work as a team to translate songs into Chinese, that could make Chinese people understand the meaning of the lyrics. Giovanni knows Italian and would come up with a preliminary translation, then we work together to fix up Chinese meanings. We are very careful and try hard to be precise on the translation.
Thanks to internet, some video went viral, and attracted attention of people in the industry in China. Back in 2013, a fan of Zecchino d’Oro asked me, ‘ will they come to China to perform?’ I said, ‘one day in the future, they will.’ And it is so surprising that only two years after, SHCAT made Piccolo Coro China Tour happen.
Sometimes, people would ask, ‘why are you listening to children’s music?’ In my opinion, it’s because those songs have so many love and values in them. They are not only written for kids, they touch our hearts as well.
At last, I would take this chance to thank every author of the songs and everyone in Antoniano. It is you that make all this happen 🙂

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