La storia di Jack Lohl 陸駿

La storia di Jack Lohl 陸駿

Hi! I am  Jack. I live in Shanghai. I’m 51 years old. I’m a busy father. I don’t have time to spend my son’s beautiful childhood with him together. Now my son is 25 years old. It has been a great pity for me.

I often travel to Beijing and Tokyo for business. In Tokyo, I can log on Facebook and Youtube.

Thanks to Facebook and Youtube, I’ve seen more and more videos of Piccolo Coro, and more members of the Piccolo Coro group team and the families. This is a very happy thing.

Now, taking time to surf the Internet every day to watch and share videos and information about Piccolo Coro has become my best resting and daily routine.

I can only speak Grazie, Ciao, Auguri and piccolo coro in Italian.

It doesn’t stop me to understand the wonderful performance of the Piccolo Coro and what the babies are singing. I do know those are full of love.

Looking at each Piccolo Coro baby’s growth, the parents and the Piccolo Coro team’s intense investment, has made up for my regret and the missing happiness. Thank you all!

The Piccolo Coro also makes me love this beautiful country of Italy and love the beautiful language of italian more and more.

I’m going to study Italian, and I’m going to take time off to Italy for a long, long vacation.

Although we are separated from each other for thousands of miles, we are always together, always support and love the great Piccolo Coro.


God bless you all!

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